Episode 2 Release Window

Hey again, everyone!

Less than two weeks remain in the Kickstarter. I once again encourage you guys to help pledge if you enjoyed the demo and want more!

Even if you don't, well, we're doing our best to give you all more either way!

Here's a small, WIP preview of the next episode, "Sour Grapes", featuring the voices of Chris (Kira Buckland) and Anelia (Kim Gasiciel).

In this next episode, Lucius plots further on how to bolster the reputation of the Exterminators. Spotting a big chance to suck up to their big name boss, Margaretta Hemsworth, he puts himself and the others into genofil hunting overdrive. Vitiel is excited at the possibility of being with the group more, but worries about Lucius pushing himself too far ahead...


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