Now That Episode 2 is Out...

Hey all!

I hope IncomSpe has been enjoyable so far. For those who haven't given the latest content a look, please do so!

Anyway, we have a few announcements to make now that episode 2 is out.

We're getting Scarletify on board as a character cut-in and alternate outfit artist! Happy to have em on board; you may see other work by them for IncomSpe, but that's to be determined!

From now on, we're going to do better at being timely with our releases. Episode 3 (Reflection Rejection, Rejection Reflection) is shooting for late March.

Very soon, we'll be making a casting call for a character that appears briefly in Episode 3 (and more parts later on). Details will be forthcoming.

We'd also like to make a call for artists who can work with creature designs and cut-ins like in this latest content.

One last thing as a bit of clarification; I want to talk about Vitiel. Canonically, Vit's genderfluid (using they/she/he pronouns) based on whatever feels cutest at the time. I'd like to offer a polite reminder to be respectful and avoid using slurs with regards to the character.

Thank you all again!

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