Week 1 Report! Plans for more reward tiers and Twitter catchup!

 Hey everyone!

We're a week into the campaign, so I figure it'd be high time to speak our current thoughts and post some catchup details.

We've been thinking that the backer reward tiers don't reach high enough; there are plans to add more tiers to rectify this very soon… but the difficult thing is figuring what people would want! While we will be brainstorming over the next day or two behind the scenes, we'd like to hear what backers and would-be supporters would like to see. One possibility is, who knows, body pillow covers? We'd also know who of the cast would be most interesting to you if so!

One of our artists is incredibly up for doing these body pillow designs!

As always, of course, the hugest thanks for your support!

In the meantime, you can see some snippets of what we've posted on Twitter with the full update here. While you're there, please consider backing us!

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