Kickstarter Reconsiderations

Hey, everyone!

So, first of all I want to get it out of the way. This consideration is made out of the desire to make Incompatible Species the best and most approachable it can be, all the while working in support of future endeavors by Konpeito Galaxy.

That said, we're considering hanging up this Kickstarter and creating a Patreon in its stead. While we do want to see Incompatible Species finished, we also would like to express our desire to work on projects beyond that. With a Kickstarter that covers one project and requires all-or-nothing funding, that may not suffice. 

The decision is still under heavy consideration. More than anything else, we'd like to know if you have our support in all this. Please comment with your thoughts or vote here:

A note, of course: this will not affect our charm giveaway.

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