Week 2 & 3 Reports: A lot to cover!

Oops, we'd been forgetting to add devlogs to the itch.io page... well at the very least, great news!

We did it! We heckin' did it! We passed our goal with time to spare! Once again I can't thank all my backers enough, and provided funding still goes through we'll do our damnedest to go at the last of Incompatible Species with gusto.

Don't forget, of course--we still have stretch goals available to reach, so if you're still waiting on the fence about supporting us further, don't hesitate to back us! Next up we're looking at a whole UI overhaul to make everything nicer and fancier.

For now, I'd also like to talk about some plans we have for the final release aside from stretch goals.

It has been mentioned before, but we wish to implement even better accessibility options with the final release. We've been told by the folks at Studio Élan that they plan to release what they did for Heart of the Woods, and we'd be more than glad to adapt their hard work to present Incompatible Species to a wider audience. Options here include a toggle with a more easily legible font, font size, textbox opacity, line spacing, image descriptions, and more.

Next, it's about the image compilation. Originally, this was planned to be a separate .pdf file or the like, but we've realized what might be a better idea: a patch for the game itself that unlocks a gallery with all the intended content. This way, we might be able to present everything in a more coherent manner and keep everything in one place. Perhaps, too, pieces could be unlocked based on how many episodes the player has finished.

On top of these features, we also wish to include largely unedited original versions of Episodes 4 and 5 (these were meant to take place in between the actually-released 3 and 4, but were cut for a variety of reasons). There will probably be commentary about them as well, but note that we don't plan to actually have any additional assets created for them. Just think of it as a little bonus peek at what might have been!

So, that's it for this update! Thank you all so much once again. Don't forget to check out the twitter posts we made on these updates: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/poxni/incompatible-species-a-hopeful-futuri... 


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